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31Ways31Days to create jobs and strengthen communities






Raising our issues

The data-driven approach of National Black Business Month, built around the annual State of Black Business report, is focused on spreading best practices of policy to every state in the nation and to federal decisionmakers.  Here Rep. Barbara Lee, D-CA, participates in a National Black Business Month forum in San Francisco to learn how to grow such enterprises as co-founders John William Templeton and Fred Jordan are featured in Black Enterprise magazine.

 Seizing opportunities

Recognizing that water will be as precious as oil,  H2Bid's Glenn Oliver is providing procurement for water utilities around the world.   He is an example of the many diverse industries that African-American entrepreneurs are competing in.   Visit at least one each day during 31 Ways 31 Days in August 2014, the 11th annual National Black Business Month.

Creating a safer world

ChloroFill,  a San Diego-based company led by Michael Hurst, here demonstrating his building panels made from sorghum instead of wood to former Commerce deputy undersecretary Sharon Barner, Esq., has opened a factory in Missouri in conjunction with farmers to reduce deforestation and eliminate carcinogens.

Cultural Heritage Tourism

Radio station WURD collaborated with us over a year to bring 30 Philadelphians to the Bay Area for five days of black heritage, including this tour of sites along the African-American Freedom Trail.  General Manager Sarah Lomax Reese, at front, also held a forum with Dr. Angela Davis and poet Sonia Sanchez.  The $90 billion African-American travel market is one of the targets of National Black Business Month in the busy vacation and convention month of August.


Gerald E. Commissiong, CEO of Amarantus Bioscience Holdings, discusses his development stage company during a session designed to identify companies with products capable of reaching billion-dollar global markets.  As August approaches this year, he is in Denmark describing progress in the development of a test to detect Alzheimer's disease.   Each day of August, National Black Business Month focuses on an industry.  Aug. 1's industry focus is biotechnology companies like Amarantus, particularly with the dramatic changes in health care.

Growing to meet the demand

Ben's Chili Bowl opened its latest outlet in Reagan National Airport, confirming its late founder Ben Ali's belief in his vision from the original restaurant on U Street in the nation's capital.  Many of the oldest black owned businesses are transforming themselves for global competition.  National Black Business Month encourages you to visit at least one each day during August 2014.



On each day of August, we encourage everyone to visit, invest in, purchase from or recommend one of America's two million black-owned businesses.  To make it simple, we suggest different industries each day of the month and we work with trade associations to give you the resources to find businesses in those categories at your leisure.

Biotechnology is the industry for the first day in August.  There are some very cutting edge companies across the country which are following in the footsteps of Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, Dr. Ernest Just, Dr. George Washington Carver to commercialize our expanding knowledge of life science in therapies and treatments.


sylviasmixes.jpegThe late Queen of Soul Food, Sylvia Woods, left a legacy that can be found in grocery stores across the world in addition to her iconic Harlem restaurant.  Say Grace and Wipe You Hands: the Black Restaurant.NET Guide to America's Black Restaurants is our official National Black Business Month guide to more than 800 eateries across the land where you can Find Your Feast.


We Need Capital


There is a profound disparity in lending and venture capital available to black-owned businesses that is slowing the recovery in our communities.  Our 11th annual State of Black Business report spells out that gap in each individual state so that advocates for economic justice can bring attention to local regulators and financial leaders on how our community must create jobs for survival and growth.

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Biotechnology Day

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Beauty Day

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NBBM Opening and Welcome to Africa
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